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Target Haul: $0.19 for EAS Protein Powder

I was so excited about this deal at Target, that I just had to share. EAS Lean 15 protein powder single serve packets in Vanilla Cream are $1.29 each.


After coupons from the EAS website, I was able to get 7 single serve packets of protein powder for $0.19, $0.16 of which was tax!


Not a bad day for me! I love using protein powder for a breakfast shake, and I am looking forward to trying this EAS variety.



H&M and Victoria’s Secret $0 Haul

I recently received a $6 H&M Wrapp offer from a friend and a coupon for a free panty at Victoria’s Secret in the mail. Here are the results of my latest $0 mall trip!

$0 Haul

At H&M, I found a pair of bracelet with a tribal print that I just had to have. I added on a multi-pack of earrings that I was interested in for the two stud pairs. I am not sure if I will wear the two feather pairs or pass them along to a friend. Total after Wrapp offer and tax = $0!

At Victoria’s Secret, I used my coupon for a free panty. Entering the store I was not sure what color or pattern I was looking for, but when I saw this patriotic pair, I couldn’t resist! After coupon, $0!


Happy Saturday and happy hunting all!






H&M $1.09 Haul

I received a $6.00 H&M gift card from using the Wrapp app recently and redeemed it today. H&M had a ton of items on clearance, plus the clearance markdowns were an additional 50% off! I found two dresses, each of which would come to $3.50 after all the markdowns.

$7.00 – $6.00 Wrapp gift card = $1.00 + tax = $1.09 out of pocket! Check out this receipt!


Originally, the two dresses totaled nearly $75.00! Not a bad day at the mall. Did I mention David Beckham is on the bag? 😉

08/11 $0 Mall Haul

Went to the mall this past weekend, got 3 items, and didn’t pat a single cent for any of them.

First, Victoria’s Secret had sent a coupon for a free PINK panty in the mail. Can’t go wrong with free underwear, right?

Second, Bath & Body Works offered a free 3 ounce bottle of lotion in either Sweet or Sexy. I prefer the scent of Sweet.

Third, Eddie Bauer is offering a $5 coupon to use on your purchase if you try on a pair of their jeans. Now, their jeans aren’t quite my style, but I tried them on for the sake of earning a coupon. I used my coupon on this belt in purple, priced at $4.99. The cashier adjusted the price of the coupon to $4.99. Free!

Three items, $0 spent, not even tax!

H&M $1 Haul


$17 worth of merchandise, yet I only paid $1 out of pocket. I had a $6 store coupon for H&M from the Wrapp app. This app allows you to give and receive gift cards with your Facebook friends. Some of the gift cards are free, others you can purchase as a gift. Mine was free as a part of Wrapp’s Facebook promotion when they gained 60,000 followers.

In addition, I had some money remaining on an H&M gift card I had won from a contest on In the end, I paid exactly $1. I walked out with a dress and a peplum top. Not a bad day at the mall.