Hello there. This is Heather. The nature of my posts are random, as my thoughts often are. I am a frugal individual. I love coupons, deals, sales, contests, and freebies. At clothing stores, you can usually find me darting to the clearance rack. I cannot call myself a junior fashionista, but I am learning to dress like a girl.

There is a side of me that loves sports, and I am not planning on letting that go. I have a place in my heart for NASCAR, hockey (in the form of the Chicago Blackhawks), and action sports. Music is a big part of my life, as well. Lacking musical talent, I resort to listening, rocking out, and attending the occasional concert.

Next, there is my love for food. Pasta and chicken are a couple personal favorites. I am on the lookout for new recipes to try that are practical to make in the average home, not requiring 1000 ingredients and hours of time. My cooking skills aren’t quite ready for the Food Network, but I can impress myself with the help of a good recipe.

Check back often to see what else I have chosen to share with you all!


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  1. mommymakeandmore says :

    I nominate your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award check out my post for instructions. http://mommymakeandmore.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/one-lovely-blog-award/

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