Silk’n Flash & Go Express review

I received the product mentioned below in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Silk’n Flash & Go Express is an at-home solution for permanent hair removal without the pain. The light-based system provides permanent results with a series of uses lasting about 20 minutes each. The Flash & Go Express can be used on legs, underarms, and more.


The Flash & Go Express system is small and comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to travel with. Inside you will find a detailed instruction manual that lays out all of the key points. Once plugged in, the Flash & Go is easy to use. All it takes is the trigger button, which only works when the entire light surface is placed against your skin. This makes the system extremely easy to use correctly. The most important point to take away is that the same skin should not be pulsed with light more than once in a single session.

I separate my Flash & Go Express sessions so that they are two weeks apart. Over time, I have noticed that the hair on my legs appears to be lessening when it grows back in. I will continue to use this product over an even longer time span than the Influenster campaign I received it from to see if further results occur. I was never in any pain while using my Flash & Go Express, which is what I was a little nervous about before using the product. It truly is safe, easy, and painless to use.

Silk’n Flash & Go Express retails for about $300, which is hundreds of dollars cheaper than salon treatments. Purchase your own Silk’n Flash & Go Express directly from the company’s website and use coupon code “NOHAIR” by January 31, 2016 to save 10% off your purchase.

If you are in search of a holiday gift, consider Silk’n Flash & Go Express!

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Influenster Disclaimer

I received the product mentioned about from Influenster free for testing purposes.


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