Thanks Mr. Postman: Free Rimmel London Mascara

I received a little package in the mail today from overseas! I opened it up, and was delighted to see my free Rimmel London mascara that I was expecting!


A $1.00 off coupon was also enclosed. If you go to this link, you can send a free Rimmel London mascara to a friend, which is how I got mine!  You can choose up to five friends, and you can have a friend send one to you! One mascara per person. Retail value: $5.99, but you pay nothing!

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About Heather DeKlyen

I'm a junior blogger who is in love with freebies, sales, deals, and coupons. I can often be found near a clearance rack. If I find a really great deal, I can't resist sharing!

2 responses to “Thanks Mr. Postman: Free Rimmel London Mascara”

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